Luxetips Beauty! Sally Hansen Nails AT New York Fashion Week

Luxetips Beauty! Sally Hansen Nails AT New York Fashion Week


Hello Divas!

P.U.S.H. Pray Until Something Happens!


 Sally Hansen Nails made a big splash at New York Fashion Week, Spring 2016. 

Sally Hansen once again amped up the runway looks with stunning nail designs for amazing designers Misha Nonoo, Adam Selman, Tanya Taylor, Phillip Lim and Prabal Gurung.

I love all the looks!  They are so creative and cutting edge.  Plus I love Sally Hansen nail polish.  The nail color is very rich and it lasts.  I can wear the color for a significant amount of time without chipping. Love it!

Check out the looks!

Misha Noon


Adam Selman


Tanya Taylor


Prabal Garung


Phillip Lim






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20 Responses to “Luxetips Beauty! Sally Hansen Nails AT New York Fashion Week”

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) September 22, 2015 at 1:01 pm

    I love cool nail colors and nail art. I ALWAYS have my nails painted and love new ideas.

  2. LOVE Sally Hansen Nail products! I love all the looks!!

  3. Those were great looks! I’m a huge fan of Sally Hanson nail polish. That stuff is gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful nails on everyone. This actually reminded me that I need to do mine.

  5. I bet this was a great event. I love all the nail designs especially the stripes.

  6. These nails are awesome. It’s so cool seeing all the newest styles!

  7. What pretty nail looks! I wish I had the time to do my nails.

  8. Sally Hansen is great. Love these colors. Thanks for the fashion week debrief!

  9. Sally Hansen always has a nail color I like. It’s really nice that it is so durable. What a great way to celebrate NY Fashion Week.

  10. They are all gorgeous. I could go for a manicure right now, and I need to try one of these styles.

  11. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert September 23, 2015 at 8:40 am

    I haven’t had my nails done in a really long time! Those looks are inspiring me though!

  12. I love nail art. I never usually do anything to mine, unless my toes. But this looks like some fun things to do!

  13. Making sure my nails are neat and look nice is something that is really important to me. I always find experimenting with different nail colors and designs to be a lot of fun.

  14. Sally Hansen has been a household staple for years! My girls and I always love browsing their large selection of colors!

  15. I love these nail designs. I love to change my polish a few times a week. It is always fun to try new colors and designs.

  16. I love the nail art craze lately. I wish I was more talented in making great nails

  17. Did you attend these shows? I live in New York and cover Fashion Week and I personally went nuts with shows at three different locations, I wish they would have left everything at Lincoln Center it was so much easier! My last Gel Mani wrecked my nails so I have to let them grow back out.

    • Hi! No I didn’t go to the shows this year, but have in the past. I loved Lincoln Center too! I think 3 different locations is a bit much too. Sorry to hear about your gel mani. I am loving Gel right now

  18. I love all this nail art! I wish I could do this for myself but my hands are too shaky. I get them done once in a while.

  19. I never paint my fingernails because I’m so hard on them, but I LOVE painting my toes!

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