Luxetips Beauty: Smashbox Cosmetics New Love Me Collection and Love Me Oscar Night Billboard

Luxetips Beauty: Smashbox Cosmetics New Love Me Collection and Love Me Oscar Night Billboard

Hello Divas:
Sometimes we get wrapped up into someone who is not good for us.  We think that person is the only person for us in the world.  Ummmm not true.  There are billions of people in the world and there is someone out there that will treat you the way you should be: with love, adoration, and respect. Word.
Today Smashbox Cosmetics is launching a new fun Facebook program in conjunction with their new “Love Me” Collection created by artist, Curtis Kulig.  Check it out:
Via Smashbox…..
Smashbox created a Facebook app that allows you to create your own “Love Me” billboard that you can use as your Facebook cover photo.  The billboard you create on the app will go live on Hollywood Boulevard at the iconic Roosevelt Hotel in LA during the week of the Oscars!!! In addition to being seen in LA, your creation will be live-streamed online and seen by people all over the country and around the world. 
How fab is that????

Visit the Smashbox Cosmetics Facebook page to design your ultra-personalized “Love Me” billboard by choosing from three templates inspired by Kulig’s limited-edition collaboration with Smashbox Cosmetics
·         Upload the photo you want to be featured in your billboard
·         Write what “Love Me” means to you in a few words
·         Wait for your email notification about what time your billboard will go live, which will include a link to a live-stream online

Everyone who creates a billboard will also have the chance to win a product from the“Love Me” collection. Kulig’s signature “Love Me” mark has been seen everywhere from LA to Tokyo, and this limited-edition collection features eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, liners and lip glosses inspired by his vivid color palette and unique “Love Me” script.

This is so much fun and I will certainly create my own “Love Me” Digital Board. Love it.



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