Luxetips Beauty! The New 1245 Salon and Spa At Atlantic Station

Luxetips Beauty! The New 1245 Salon and Spa At Atlantic Station

Hello Divas!

You are exactly where you are supposed to be at this moment.  Everything happens for a reason and when you look back, you will understand why.

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting 1245 Salon and Spa located on Fowler street walking distance to Atlantic Station.  The first thing I loved about the salon is the location.  I mean how can you beat being right at Atlantic Station?? You can get your hair done and then go shopping. Priceless!

1245 Salon and Spa just received a new renovation and the space is spacious, comfortable and inviting.  I especially loved the lobby area.  It felt warm and cozy….just like home.

The hair professionals at 1245 Salon and Spa were courteous and professional.  They made sure I was comfortable and took the time to really know more about me and my hair care routine.  The salon specializes in ensuring their clientele have healthy gorgeous hair.  They offer amino acid treatments, deep conditioners, and presses for natural hair like mine.

My stylist for the day was Rodney Mack, co-founder of the salon.  He gave me a good assessment of my hair and some very good tips on maintaing healthy hair.  He gave me a gorgeous press and trim and when I left my hair looked amazing.

He also allowed me a peek at the salon’s “wig stand” LOL!  This stand allows the stylist to style hair extensions on a stand as opposed to styling in the client’s hair where sometimes it won’t stay in place.  I thought it was GENIUS.  LOVE IT!

1245 Salon and Spa is a true family owned business and the salon was founded by siblings Terrell Mack, Rodney Mack and Tammy White.  While I was there the siblings parents, children, and niece and nephews were also there supporting the salon.  Everyone pitched in and it was so nice to see a family work together harmoniously.

The salon services are affordable and you can find a list of services with prices here.


Disclaimer:  hair services were provided complimentary.  However all opinions are mine and 100% honest.


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