Luxetips Beauty! Wright Skincare: Luxe Skincare For All Ethnicities

Luxetips Beauty! Wright Skincare: Luxe Skincare For All Ethnicities

Hello Divas!

Happy New Year!

I hope your New Year has started fabulously!

This year I am committed to improving my skin and having better skin tone and fewer blemishes.  I think I have found just the product to help me achieve my goals.  Over the holidays, I was introduced to a new skin care line, Wright Skincare.  This skin care line consists of 100% percent natural and organic ingredients.

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Annette Wright, the founder of The Wright Skincare line and to test the products.  Annette started Wright Skincare after a trip to Europe.  The first thing Ms. Wright learned was that women in Europe rarely wash their faces with water.  She noticed that a lot of the skincare products in Europe were not made with water but with moisturizing ingredients such as micellar water or rose water.  These solutions are more moisturizing to the skin as they will not dry the skin out like water.

As a result of her research and experience in Europe, Ms. Wright begin formulating her skincare line for women of all ages and ethnicities.  The Wright Skincare line is all natural and contains no chemicals so it is perfect for people like me with sensitive skin.

I tested the products for a period of 6 weeks and I love them! Specifically, I tried the 3-in-1 Micellar Water and the Facial Wash.  I can honestly say after 6 weeks, my skin tone has improved and my skin feels and looks smoother and brighter.

The facial wash is a face-peeling gel that cleans and purifies skin with fine micro granules, helping to remove dead cells. Suitable for all skin types, the wash leaves skin soft and smooth.  The Facial Wash contains natural alpha hydroxyl-acids (fruit extracts) plus hyaluronic acid that improves the texture of the skin by increasing hydration. I must admit it took me some time to get use to this product because it is not to be used with water.  But it works and definitely removes all dirt and makeup from your skin with a breeze.

The Wright Skincare 3-in-1 Micellar Water is my absolute favorite product!  I use it as a toner, a skin refresher and as a base for my make-up.  This product is soooo refreshing and soothing to the skin!  Love, love, love.  This product is a soap-free make-up remover and is sulfate-free, PEG free and a neutral pH for the skin to maintain its physiological balance.

Divas I highly recommend these products.  The facial wash retails for $25 and the 3-in-1 Micellar Water retails for $50.  You can purchase the products online at



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