Luxetips Beauty! Zum Bars

Luxetips Beauty! Zum Bars

Last July saw me cleaning out my beauty cabinet at the speed of light. Between my pregnancy and my mother’s diagnosis with  a grave autoimmune disorder, I vowed to change any habits that might be throwing off my own immune system, and consequently the Baby Chameleon’s developing immune system. I threw away some 600 dollars worth of product, maybe more, but  I looked at Miss Jessie’s promotional bag that I had filled to brim with anti aging creams and nail polish among other things, and I thought, “What a waste.” Then, I remembered the benefit of it all, better health for me and a happy healthy start for my baby. In addition to grieving over all the money that I was throwing down the drain, I was weary of how I would keep the acne on my face and body at bay without salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide.
After a couple of trips to Whole Foods and some help from their very knowledgeable staff,  I tried Zum bars. First,  I tried the Oatmeal and Lavender and found it to be quite heavenly and equally  helpful at ridding my persnickety back of the acne that was once housed there. Lately, my new favorite is the Rosemary Mint. It is one of those soaps that makes you feel like Summer is just outside your door. The refreshing smell lasts long without being totally overpowering and the natural tonic is enhanced when used in a bath with essential oils like clary sage, eculyptus and tea tree (trust me on this, I have done the legwork.) Both bars are at for $5.50.


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