Luxetips’ Best of 2010 Holiday List!

Luxetips’ Best of 2010 Holiday List!

Hello Divas!

So just like everyone else, I have a list of beauty and fashion products that rocked my world in 2010.  These are products I have worn out and will forever hold dear to my heart.  These products are so reflective of the Luxetips Lifestyle, that they had to have their very own special highlight!  So here is my Best of 2010 List:

1. Gap 1969 Always Skinny Jeans.   I was gifted these by GAP back in August and they have changed my view of jeans forever.  They are super comfy.  They make my butt look good. Plus the different washes are so stylish and will forever be in style!  More importantly, they are so affordable.  Only $60 and they fit as well as my $200 plus Hudson Jeans. GAP broke the mold with these babies.  I keep going back for more and will have all of the different washes soon! Certifiable.

2. Lancôme’s Définicils Precious Cells Mascara.  To be quite honest, I was a little skeptical about Définicils Precious Cells.  I mean how can you improve on an iconic classic mascara such as Définicils?  But Lancome did.  Precious Cells has changed my view of mascara forever.  The formula is creamy and it truly conditions your lashes.  This mascara gets my lashes long, separated and defined while also making them flexible and soft to the touch.  Plus my lashes seems to get longer and longer.  I could be dreaming, but I doubt it!

3. Clarisonic Plus.  Clarisonic is truly life changing and my face is smooth and I have less blemishes.  The body brush is phenomenal too and has been instrumental in removing layers of discoloration from my knees and the back of my ankles.  If you want smooth, blemish and wrinkle free skin, a Clarisonic is a must!

4. Four Truffles Body Butter.  This body butter is insane!  Love, love, love.  It is rich and creamy, yet non-greasy.  The scent is just amazing!  The ingredients are organic and all products are purchased from women owned cooperatives in Morocco and West Africa and 10% of profits go back to these women to help improve their communities.  Gorgeous for a cause. I love it.

5. Cara B Naturally Hair Care Products.  This all natural hair and skincare line is perfect for luxe baby.  The shampoo and conditioners are super moisturizing and they are not harmful to luxe baby’s eyes, skin or hair.  They smell heavenly and I love them. 

6.  Tocca Fragrances.  With names like Brigitte, Stella, Cleopatra, and Bianca, you can’t help but love Tocca’s line of fine fragrances.  But the wonderful thing about Tocca is that these scents are truly unique and beautiful.  I love Tocca!  I am currently obsessed with Stella which has a strong Blood Orange scent.  What is there not to love??!

7. Fossil Stella Watch.  I was gifted this watch at Blogalicous 2010 and I receive so many compliments.  It is a show stopper and conversation starter.  It is chunky and elegant like a men’s watch but with lots of bling! Certifiable.

This is my Best of 2010 list and guess what?  You can win some of these items starting Sunday, December 12! Yep!  I will giveaway one item a day over several days. Check back on Sunday and good luck!



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  1. I love the Gap 1969 jeans also! I am so mad that I didn’t buy another pair during the 50% off Black Friday sale.

  2. merry christmas and awesome! are all the fab giveaways over?

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