Luxetips Events! A Soriee at The Goat Farm

Luxetips Events! A Soriee at The Goat Farm

Hello Divas!

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Two weeks ago I attended a fantabulous soiree at the new Atlanta hot spot, The Goat Farm.  The Goat Farm  is located in West Midtown.  It is a 12 acre compound consisting of open spaces, rustic surroundings and the occasional rooster taking a stroll on the grounds.  It is also comprised of red dilapidated buildings that add to the country but urban charm.  You really get the feeling you have taken a trip to the countryside!

UrbanDaddy Atlanta and Heineken Light hosted a party at The Goat Farm that was incredible!  I went there with my girl D and we were greeted with an array of activity that satisfied all the senses.

Food Network Star chef Justin Balmes got down on the grill and served up a tasty variety of beef, lamb sausage, pulled pork and chicken.  Guests also enjoyed fresh cole slaw, roasted corn, and the most amazing black bean salad I ever had.  Yum!!

There was plenty of wine and cold Heneiken beer to go around.

Atlanta High Road Craft Ice Cream provided the dessert.  There were also performances by banjo player Morgan O’Kane; live paintings by TINDELMICHI and Greg Mike.  DJ Vicki Powell provided the tunes.

Pics of all the beautiful Atlanta people.  Unfortunately I did not take a pic of myself. LOL!

Fun times! 
The Goat Farm is located at 1200 Foster Drive, Atlanta, GA  30318.  Visit their Facebook page here to learn about their next event!


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