Luxetips Events! Beauty Brunch Panel with Mimi J

Luxetips Events! Beauty Brunch Panel with Mimi J

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I am so late with this post. A while back I was invited to sit on a beauty panel to discuss beauty blogging tips to up and coming beauty bloggers.

The beauty panel was hosted by Mimi J who is an uber-fabulous make-up artist, beauty blogger and owner of P3 Makeup Studio.

The event took place at The Beignet Connection a neat creole bistro in downtown Atlanta. The panelist included my girl, Ren of Makeup by Ren Ren, Mae of Natural Chica, Mattie James ofMattieologie, and Bret Phillips, web developer/SEO expert.

From l to r: Mimi J; Me, Ren, Bret, Mattieologie, Natural Chica.

The crowd.

Me, Ren, and Bret!

Apparently something is funny. LOL!

We discussed

SEO tips such as including key words in the title and body of a post so your posts are easily found on the web. And ensuring backlinks come back to your blog.

We also discussed letting your personality shine through on your blog; the importance of posting good and constant content on your blog; and how to attract and build relationships with brands and public relations professionals. How do you build Brand and PR relationships?

1. If you don’t have anything nice to say about a product, don’t trash the brand. Simply don’t write a review and tell the brand why….in a polite way.

2. Always be polite, courteous, and professional with brand reps.

3. After writing a review, always send a link to the brand or PR rep to share with the client.

4. Lastly, don’t make promises you can’t keep and always be professional at media events.


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