Luxetips Events! Essence Music Festival Day 2

Luxetips Events! Essence Music Festival Day 2

Hello Divas!

Strive to be courteous and kind to others.  It just might make their day.

Day 2 of the Essence Music Festival was a whirlwind.  On this day, I had the opportunity to test drive the new 2011 Ford Explorer.  The new Ford Explorer has a lot to offer!

The Ford Driver allowed me to take a 10-15 minute drive in the 2011 Ford Explorer and it was a good one.   The first thing I noticed was that the ride was so smooth and quiet. The streets in New Orleans are very very bumpy.  However the suspension on the 2011 Ford Explorer is awesome!  As I went over bumps, it was like going over little air bubbles.  The next thing I loved about the Ford Explorer is that it felt very sturdy, i.e., the handling was superb.  I have driven a few SUVs in my lifetime and some of them feel off balance and a driver can experience a tipping sensation. I did not have this sensation in the 2011 Ford Explorer.  I felt very comfortable and safe driving it.  And of course Ford’s MyFord Touch™ technology is awesome.  With the touch of a finger or with simple voice commands, you can find restaurants; listen to tunes on your Ipod; and make calls.  Lastly, the new 2011 Ford Explorer has a beautiful new design and it is very spacious.  It has three rows and the seats in the 2nd and 3rd rows easily fold down and slide.  If you have two active kids like me, then you know this feature is valuable when transporting groceries, soccer gear, and friends on play dates!

After the test drive we went to the Ford Booth.  Ford had the best booth at the New Orleans Convention Center.  The DJ was beyond amazing!  Festival attendees were rocking and getting low.  Roland Martin from CNN got on stage and did a New Orleans dance called the Wobble. LOL!  Also Ford gave away Ipads, Ipods, and gas cards to attendees.  Go Ford!

Ford then treated us to a delicious brunch at Calcasieu.  Calcasieu is a private dining restaurant.  We received 5 star service.  I had a delicious meal of catfish, seafood gumbo, and chocolate chip bread pudding for dessert.  The bread pudding was divine!

Of course we are here for the Essence Music Festival so there were performances to see.

El Debarge performed classics such as “I Call Your Name” and “Rhythm of the Night”.

Chaka Khan was my favorite.  She performed all of her classic hits but what really impressed me was her voice is pitch perfect.  Chaka has a God-given talent and she was meant to sing.  Plus she is simply beautiful.

Of course they saved the best for last and Kanye West did not disappoint.  He really puts on a fantastic show.  The production was amazing.  Plus Kanye gives a lot of energy.  He performed and moved all over the stage without missing a beat.  I had never seen Kanye West in concert, so this was a real treat for me.

Also during the second day of performances Ford Motor Company gave away a new 2012 Ford Focus! The person who had the lucky key and winner of the new Ford Focus was Deborah Inniss of South Carolina.   Here are some pics of her winning.  She was super excited and gracious!

Ms. Inniss and and Ford’s Multicultural Marketing Manager Shawn Lollie. 

I have one more day of Essence Music Festival Activities to share.  I will also give you the scoop on celebrity sightings in the Belvedere VIP lounge.



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  1. OMG, what an experience? I’ve been trying to get to EMF for many years now and just can’t seem to make it. Looks like you had an amaziiiiing time! I’ve gotta plan to go next year.

  2. I have only seen Kanye perform live on internet video, but that’s definitely something for me to look forward to really doing in the future. To see him up close and personal would be wonderful because he is so passionate when he does his stage thing. What’s up with the red over shadow on the pic? His brows are a favorite of mine their like wings for real. I could just see me obsessing over him getting them done all the time. Thanks for the scoop, and I’m glad you got to go.

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