Luxetips Events: Grand Opening of Genki Noodles & Sushi Virginia Highlands

Luxetips Events: Grand Opening of Genki Noodles & Sushi Virginia Highlands

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Last Wednesday I was invited to the grand opening of Genki Noodles & Sushi at their newest location in Virginia Highlands.  Virginia Highlands is a swanky neighborhood in Atlanta that is filled with great restaurants, bars, boutiques and speciality stores.

Caren West PR promoted this event and they did an excellent job.  The event had all the right elements:  beautiful people, great food, a DJ and very creative and delicious drinks.  What I loved about the restaurant is that it has plenty of open space.  If you are seated up front, you have an open and unobstructed view of the happenings on Highland avenue.  And there is a back patio with open air and ceiling fans! Nice.

The menu  at Genki Noodles & Sushi is comprised of sushi and a variety of noodle dishes.  There are also some pretty tasty appetizers too!  We had an opportunity to taste the Cheese Kari Kari and it was amazing.  It a blend of  crab, cream cheese, red peppers and scallions, wrapped in a lightpastry and served with wasabi cream and sweet soy sauce. Yum!

The sushi was pretty good also and they had some very “cool” names.  Above is the Virginia Highlands roll.

And the poker face roll! 

Genki has a variety of noodle and rice bowls ranging from vegetarian to seafood, chicken and beef.  They also have a beef rib bowl!  I have never seen that before.  I am sure the rib lovers would enjoy it.

Genki has a full bar and we were able to sample lots of cold sake, champagne cocktails and Barcardi Mojitos.  

The food is good and affordable.  Most dishes range in price between $10 and $20 and they also have a $6 kid menu!  I love kid menus!

Genki Noodles & Sushi is located at 1040 North Highland Avenue.  Be sure to check them out! 



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  1. Slurping, raw, rice, and beef at a new joint sounds interesting when I hear words like open space and ceiling fans. A comfortable atmosphere is always nice for dining out because surroundings add to the experience and lifestyle aspect. How you feel about a place or product plays to a return or repurchase, and when I visit Atlanta I will have to check out Genki Noodles & Sushi. Good post and great pictures.

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