Luxetips Events! I Met My Favorite Indie Band: Neon Trees!

Luxetips Events! I Met My Favorite Indie Band: Neon Trees!

Hello Divas!

Give someone an encouraging word today.  It may be just what they need.


Recently, I had had the opportunity to attend a Neon Trees concert.  This was so MAJOR for me. Why?

I love Neon Trees.


I discovered Neon Trees on my local 80s,90s, and current top 40 hits station when they released the song “Animal.”  As I was listening to the song, it remind me so much of growing up in the 80s.  I would listen for hours and hours to all the popular pop and rock bands at that time.  As a result, I fell in love with the Neon Trees immediately.  I downloaded their albums and I was in nirvana!

The band has been to Atlanta a few times opening for Taylor Swift and Maroon 5.  I always found out at the last minute and was not able to attend.


However, a good friend of mine told me the band would be in town on a Monday night at Center Stage. Center Stage is a small and intimate venue in Midtown Atlanta.  I was so excited and I knew this was my opportunity to finally see this band live. 

Fortunately, I was able to get access to the band backstage.  When I found out I could meet the band before they went onstage and snap a few pictures, I was literally twirling.  Dreams do come true.


And divas this band is such a class act.  They were so gracious and nice.  They let me snap some photos and I was able to take a picture with two of the bandmates, Branden Campbell and Chris Allen.


I also was allowed to take some close up pictures of the band while they were performing.  


They are amazing live! The lead singer, Tyler Glenn has a flawless voice.  The drummer, Elaine Bradley, also has a beautiful voice.  Plus she is very pregnant and was still rocking out on the drums like it was nothing. #GirlPower. Love her!



Neon Trees played all of their hits and other songs from their stellar albums.  The crowd knew all of the words!


The bass guitarist, Branden Campbell, was a sweetheart.  He gave me one of his personalized guitar picks.  I was literally swooning. 


Neon Trees is currently on their “An Intimate Night Out With Neon Trees” Summer Tour.  This tour is currently winding down and will end on July 26th in Boston, MA.  

It was an incredible experience!  I will make it a point to always catch the band whenever they are in town.




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