Luxetips Events: J. Mont Cosmetics Beauty Blogger Social

Luxetips Events: J. Mont Cosmetics Beauty Blogger Social
Hello Divas!
The only thing stress and worry does is make you have gray hairs.  Believe me. I know. LOL!
Last week I had the opportunity to attend a Beauty Blogger social hosted by J. Mont Cosmetics.  The event took place in J. Mont Cosmetic’s studio space at the Studioplex Lofts.  
When I arrived there was a group of fashionable folks listening to groovy music and enjoying cocktails sponsored by Remy Martin and The Perfect Bartender.  

Of course the space was incredible.  J. Mont Beauty Studio is a make-up and waxing studio and there is plenty of comfortable and open space for clients to get services and relax.

I was particularly fascinated with the make-up line.  You see J. Mont Beauty cosmetics was formulated and produced by wife and husband team Jennifer and Terry Holmes and let me tell you Divas it is gorgeous!  It certainly gives some well known brands a run for the money and it is slightly less expensive than other brands.

Some of the highlights of J. Mont Cosmetics are their foundations, lip glosses and eye shadows.  The foundation is non-light reflecting so when you put it on you are camera ready.  I was particularly impressed by this information.  Also the lip glosses have crazy shine, come in large tubes and they taste and smell yummy!  I have to get my hands on a few tubes of the lip gloss.

Jennifer, creator of J. Mont Cosmetics wearing the “Fire Engine Red” lip gloss.  Love it!

As you can see J. Mont Cosmetics has a diversity of color ranges and palettes to work with all skin tones.  As a matter of fact, Jennifer told me she created the line to be poly-ethnic so women of all skin tones and hues could wear it and look fabulous!

While at this event, I met other beauty bloggers in Atlanta and that was a real treat.  I never know where the beauty and fashion bloggers are here in the A.  I also ran into my girl, Tish Davis of Elegant Event Sitters.  She has a wonderful childcare service that provides childcare at conferences, weddings, and the like.  I actually met her 2 years ago at the first Blogalicious conference.  She and her wonderful team cared for luxe son and luxe baby while I attended the conference.  But really I was fascinated by her HOT PINK Hello Kitty bag.  I am not a Hello Kitty stan, but I had to take a pic.  A show stopper indeed.

J. Mont Cosmetics is located at 659 Auburn Ave NE #268, Atlanta, GA 30312.  You can also reach them at 

(678) 596-9440.  Call them to schedule a visit.  You won’t be sorry!


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