Luxetips Events! Lincoln Motor Company Engages Your Senses With The Luxe Lincoln MKC

Luxetips Events! Lincoln Motor Company Engages Your Senses With The Luxe Lincoln MKC

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When I get anxious and my mind gears towards the negative, I mediate on Philippians 4:8: which encourages us to meditate on things that are true, honorable, lovely, excellent, pure and worthy of praise! Focus on the good!

Lincoln Grill

And yesterday was a lovely and excellent day thanks to The Lincoln Motor Company and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Atlanta.  The two brands teamed up to give Atlanta media an exclusive opportunity to engage our senses with luxe personal services.  We learned how both brands are able to offer superior luxury experiences for their customers through sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound. 

My day started at the Mandarin Oriental Atlanta Spa.  The Spa is super luxe and the hotel’s specially created signature scent Quintessence oil, greeted me as I entered the Spa.  


I received the Oriental Essence Massage.  It is a full body massage utilizing the hotel’s Quintessence oil blended with warming ginger, uplifting mandarin and sacred frankincense.

Spa Robe

After the massage I was escorted to the luxurious spa lounge to enjoy healthy snacks, tea, and flavored water.  

And lounging on these chaises was the icing on the cake after my massage.  I will surely be back to treat my self at this fabulous Atlanta spa.  So worth it! 

Spa Lounge

After my spa service, we joined the Lincoln team to get a preview of the new Lincoln MKC.  The Lincoln MKC is Lincoln’s new luxury small SUV and it is super luxe!  

Lincoln Grill 2


Lincoln rear view


The vehicle features:

2.0 or 2.3 4 Cylinder Eco Boost Fuel Economy Engine

240 Horsepower

All Wheel Drive is optional

Premium leather seats with cross stitching

cross stitching Interior 2 

THX surround sound 

My Lincoln app which can start and turn off the engine and locate the car if lost.

20 inch wheels optional.

brand manager and bloggers

  me in lincoln

 lincoln and me  

After our preview of the car, we were treated to a fabulous lunch! Simply delicious!


lunch at mandarin

The new Lincoln MKC has luxury, fuel economy, and cutting edge technology.  The vehicle starts at $33k and will be available for purchase this Summer.


Disclaimer:  Spa services were complimentary. 


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