Luxetips Events! New Movie Need for Speed Comes Out This Friday! Check out this Interview With Aaron Paul and Kid Cudi

Luxetips Events! New Movie Need for Speed Comes Out This Friday! Check out this Interview With Aaron Paul and Kid Cudi

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Need for Speed comes out this Friday, March 14, 2014 at theaters everywhere! It is a must see.

Check out this interview with the movie’s stars Aaron Paul and Kid Cudi and my take on the movie. 


This past weekend I had the opportunity to see the screening of the new Dreamworks Pictures film, “Need for Speed.”  Need for Speed is an adaptation of the successful Electronic Arts game of the same name: Need for Speed.  It will debut in theaters Friday, March. 14, 2014.


The movie stars Aaron Paul as the main character and co-stars, Rapper/Actor Kid Cudi, Dominic Cooper, Ramon Rodriguez, Rami Malex, Dakota Johnson, and Micheal Keaton as The Monarch.  This film is filled with great acting, action, AMAZING racing, stunts, drama, comedy, and of course the best part: HOT cars! It is truly a car lover’s dream movie.

And if you love cars, Need for Speed has every type of muscle and super car you can imagine.  There is of course the star of the movie, the Ford Mustang Hero based on the 2013 Shelby GT500.  Carol Shelby, legendary American racer turned car designer who created the Ford Mustang in 1965, was working on the 50th Anniversary edition of the car when he passed in 2012.  


But of course it does not stop there.  There is a GORGEOUS 69 Ford Gran Torino, 68 Chevy Camaro and 66 Pontiac GTO.  I LOVE classic cars so I was in car heaven! 

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And there were the exotic super sportscars:  a Swedish Koenigsegg Agera R, a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, A GTA Spano, a Bugatti Veyron (luxe son’s favorite car), a McLaren P1, and a Saleen S7.  Pow!

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I don’t want to give away the movie: but there is car racing exceeding 230 miles per hour, crashes, explosions, a love story…all the good stuff.  I loved the movie and it is so worth seeing.

As part of the press junket, I was able to sit at a roundtable discussion with actors Aaron Paul, Kid Cudi, and Director Scott Waugh.  


Here are some highlights of the roundtable discussion:

Kid Cudi did learn how to fly a small plane during filming.

Aaron Paul had to attend racing school to learn how to race the cars in the movie.  Director Scott Waugh wanted the film to be authentic with real racing.  


This is Aaron Paul’s first action film.  He started filming Need For Speed right after wrapping up Breaking Bad.

Everything that happens in the film, actually did happen during filming. Wow! Brave Actors.


Director Scott Waugh’s Dad is the original Spiderman. 

Director Scott Waugh said Kid Cudi is a natural actor and I second it.  He was GREAT in the movie. 

Good times.

Check out this video of Kid Cudi and Aaron Paul telling us how much they loved filming in Georgia! 





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