Luxetips Events! The Lincoln Motor Company Ends Their Hello Again Tour In Atlanta

Luxetips Events! The Lincoln Motor Company Ends Their Hello Again Tour In Atlanta

Hello Divas!

I know sometimes it seems that bad people always win, but in the end they don’t.  Keep doing good and the Universe will reward you.

The end of my week was spent hanging out with The Lincoln Motor Company on the last stop of their Hello Again Tour in Atlanta.  The Hello Again Tour consisted of Lincoln Motor Company traveling to select cities re-introducing the brand to consumers while also highlighting new innovative companies and individuals in each city.

The night was filled with visiting Atlanta local gems, gazing at Atlanta landmarks, and discovering new creative artists.  Fun times!

The Atlanta Hello Again Tour started at a swanky art gallery in midtown Atlanta.  Of course the new Lincoln MKZ was front row and center.  We learned about all of the cool and innovative features of the car.  We also had a chance to sample bites from Atlanta’s hottest restaurant, Empire State South.

We all loaded up into Lincoln MKZ vehicles and begin our tour.  We had an amazing tour guide that communicated to us via walkie talkie.  As we drove to our destinations, he gave us little tidbits of Atlanta history and pointed out landmarks and historic sites.  I was impressed!

Atlanta Ferris Wheel

Our first stop was Box Car Grocer located in the historic Castlebury Hill.  Box Car Grocer is very special.  It is an urban convenient store that only offers organic and all natural products for sale.  It is quite amazing.  There was rows of organic paper products, diapers, hair care products, and of course healthy food.  The store also offers hot lunches and local organic coffee from Batdorf and favorite coffee!

The owners of Box Car Grocers are a brother and sister team and firmly believe that an urban convenient store does not have to offer non-healthy items to the community.  Love it!

Our next stop is actually an oldie but goodie for me.  We stopped at my favorite neighborhood restaurant/market, Parish.  Parish is a popular French/New Orleans restaurant in Inman Park.  However, I think the best part of Parish is the downstairs Market.  There you can casually grab breakfast, lunch or dinner and enjoy your meal at their amazing farm table.  Love.

While there we had an opportunity to check out Bacons Heir’s Pork Clouds.  Yep, Pork Clouds is the new gourmet name for pork rinds.  However, these Pork Clouds are organic.  Bacon Heir cooked up some Pork Clouds for us and some of us had a taste.  I hear they were great!

Our tour then took us back to the art gallery to view gorgeous art, enjoy good music, and sip bourbon and gin cocktails.

 Tom Johnson of Tomahawk Illustration was featured.  He is an amazing illustrator, printer, and graphic artist.  His work is phenemenol. 

 Pop Art of Dubelyoo, founder of Arts, Beats, and Lyrics. 


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