Luxetips For Less! Chloe Sunglasses at Ross

Luxetips For Less! Chloe Sunglasses at Ross

Hello Divas!

Life is good. Enjoy it!

Yesterday I took some time to help a friend find the perfect dress and accessories for her graduation ceremony.  We went to Ross because in my opinion Ross has the best dresses at rock bottom affordable prices.  Plus I can always find a pair of shoes or other home items while I am there.  So while browsing the jewelry case look what we found:

Chloe Shades! These Shades are just drop dead gorgeous.  First they are an off white beige color, tortoise shell and Big Big Big!

Can we say Divalicous!

But the best thing about these shades were they were only $70!! Chloe shades for $70 bucks? A steal!  They usually retail for $378!

I told my friend if she didn’t buy those shades she was insane.  She did. And guess what, as I predicted folks keep complimenting her on how fly she looks. That is what $378 shades for only $70 will do for ya!

Divas don’t sleep on Ross.  Most people discount shop at TJ MAXX and Marshalls but Ross has tons of little finds and steals. I love Ross!



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