Luxetips Interview: A Conversation With Anthony Prozzi. Lead Interior Designer for Ford Motor Company

Luxetips Interview: A Conversation With Anthony Prozzi. Lead Interior Designer for Ford Motor Company

Hello Divas:

Yesterday was an awesome day.  I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Anthony Prozzi, Senior Interior Designer for Ford Motor Company.  Anthony was in Atlanta to lead a panel sponsored by Ford entitled “From Runway to Driveway:  A Fusion of Influence” to celebrate his edgy and sexy interior design of the new 2013 Ford Fusion.

I was granted an interview with Mr. Prozzi before the panel discussion later that evening and it was very relaxed and personable.  He has such a kind spirit and an inspirational story of how he became such a successful designer.  He inspired me and for those of you who still have a dream and have a passion for anything, this is for you:

Luxetips:  Hello, Anthony, thank you for granting me this interview.  How are you enjoying Atlanta?

Anthony:  Absolutely.  I am really liking Atlanta thus far.

Luxetips:  Can you give me some background on your career and how you got started in the world of design?

Anthony:  Well, I had no intention of being in the fashion industry.  I was a pre-med major enrolled at NYU and planned to be a doctor.  I took a part-time job while at NYU at a high-end retailer and I fell in love with fashion.  A freelance stylist for W Magazine came into the store and noticed my knack for fashion and style and suggested I get into the business.  I was later introduced to Donna Karan who really admired my work and asked me to come work for her and launch Donna Karen Mens.  I told her “but I don’t have any formal education in the fashion industry.” But she said to me ” you definitely have a eye for fashion and it is something I can’t quite put into words”.

Luxetips:  Wow, that is such an amazing story on how you came to fashion and design via a non-traditional route. 

Anthony:  People have to follow their passion, I do love Math and Biology, and for parents reading this interview, your kids have to be proficient in those subjects, but it was fashion that my passion really sparked and that is when I really came to life. 

Luxetips:  So how do you move from the fashion industry to the automotive industry?

Anthony:  Well I did enroll in Pratt School of Art & Design in Brooklyn and an automotive design professor from Ford noticed me and suggested I look into designing for the automotive industry.  I gave it a try and loved it.  I eventually transferred to the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI and begin working for Ford.  I have been at Ford for many years.

Luxetips:  So you have designed the interior of the new 2013 Ford Fusion and it is super sexy.  Can you tell me what was your inspiration for the design?

Anthony:  My inspiration or muse is Elle Magazine Editor, Kate Lamphear.  She has an edgy style with a soft touch.  Kate loves to wear jewelry by Edie Borgo and specifically she wears these rings that look like talons.  There is something so sexy about the look of the talon rings against soft skin and I created this same look in feel in the Ford Fusion.  Kate always wears black, leather, and metal and you will find these elements in the Ford Fusion.

Luxetips:  I love it.  The Fusion has Hybrid EcoBoost. It’s such an innovative product. How important is sustainable living and creating with a conscience to you?

Anthony:  I practice what I preach.  I believe in eco-friendly products and live a lifestyle where eco-friendly products are a part of my everyday life.  For example, I love and buy vintage.  I also love H&M’s conscience collection.   Also I am very intrigued by Pharrell William’s (of the Neptunes Fame) Bionic brand.  Bionic creates a yarn frabic that is made from recycled plastic bottles.  We are hoping to use this eco-friendly material in the interior of some Ford models.  I love this quote from Pharrell: ” If you design smart and shop smart, you will live smart.”

Luxetips:  How do you want people who drive the new Ford Fusion to feel during their driving experience? What type of ambiance should they expect to feel 2013 Ford Fusion?

Anthony:  The ambience should scream:  This is eco-friendly and sexy.  I want people to feel sexy.  I also want them to feel that they made a great decision in purchasing the vehicle.   Buyers should feel: Stylish. Smart. Eco-friendly.  

Luxetips:  Thank you so much for your time.  I hope you enjoy Atlanta.

What an amazing story.  I had the luxe kids in tow and he made sure they had something to drink and they were comfortable.  He was interested in them and asked them questions.  Awesome.  

Make sure to check out the Ford Fusion. The retail starting price is 21k.



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  1. Its interesting how they’re putting the focus on the environment now. It’s all about eco-friendly!

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