Luxetips Interview With Napoleon Perdis!!!!

Luxetips Interview With Napoleon Perdis!!!!

Hello Divas!

I hope you are having a truly fabulous Monday! I just returned from a 3 day mini-vacay to Savannah and Hilton Head and I feel refreshed and ready to face the world! It is just what I needed before the start of school!

I was offered the amazing opportunity to interview the make-up guru himself, Napoleon Perdis! I am so excited to share is make-up tips and beauty philosophy with you fab Divas! I was scheduled to meet the legend in person on June 23, but unfortunately Mr. Perdis had to cancel his trip to Atlanta. I was bummed, but he graciously agreed to answer my questions via email! How sweet is that???!!!! Check out the interview below. He has a fantastic tip regarding Mascara that was new to me. I can’t wait to put his tip to the test!

Luxetips: I am in love with the NP Set Line at Target. What was your inspiration for creating this line?

Napoleon Perdis: I wanted to create something fresh, fun and accessible for women across America. I like to think of it as the democratization of makeup – everyone should be able to afford a stellar foundation, a great primer and a sophisticated eye shadow palette. I was inspired by breezy Californian style, in particular Los Angeles and Palm Springs where I live, and the idea of speedy glamour. Women are more time-strapped than ever, so we wanted to distill the options to the essentials.

Luxetips: Your primers are famous! What sets your primers apart from others?

Napoleon Perdis: I’m know for my Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer in my prestige line so naturally I wanted to extend this to NP Set. My original NP Set primer is paraben-free and contains a magical mix of ingredients such a Soybean Oil, Pomegranate Extract, Green Tea Extract, Vitamins A, C & E, and more. It has a luminized finish and ensures your makeup lasts. Recently I added a Pore Perfecting Primer, for a flawless finish, and a Bronzing Primer for a hint of color all-year round.

Luxetips: The pre-foundation bronzing primer is genius! It looks great on all skin tones. What were you hoping to achieve for women when creating this primer?

Napoleon Perdis: Often times women want to walk out of the door with little makeup and a natural, healthy glow. This product combines the idea of a bronzer and primer so reduces the need for both steps. In fact, some women may choose to skip foundation altogether. Just add mascara and some gloss and you’re done.

Luxetips: What are the three basic make-up products every woman should wear for an everyday look?

Napoleon Perdis: Primer, Foundation, Mascara

Luxetips: Your products are very diverse and compliment any skin tone. Why did you decide to make makeup for all women instead of one particular group?

Napoleon Perdis: I come from Australia which is incredibly multi-cultural so it was never a question for me on whether I should offer an extensive arrange of shades – it was always a certainty.

Luxetips: What is your make-up philosophy?

Napoleon Perids: I like women to have fun with their beauty routine, to feel empowered and to experiment. My NP Set brand beliefs are:

1- Glamour in a split second (immediate satisfaction, immediate gratification and do-it-yourself beauty).

2- What’s In It For Me – The collection is almost entirely paraben-free and let’s consumers know “what’s in it for me,” a list of all beneficial ingredients in the product.

3- Global village beauty – NP Set is all about jet set glamour – exuberant color, breezy attitude and knowing style.

4- California cool – Palm trees and star motifs found on packaging reflect relaxed California glamour.

Luxetips: When did you know you wanted to become a make-up artist?

Napoleon Perids: Since I picked up my very first makeup brush as an adolescent to help my mother primp for a soiree.

Luxetips: What is the best makeup trick you use when applying makeup?

Napoleon Perdis: Mascara first! Applying mascara as your very first makeup step is like a morning cup of coffee – it immediately wakes up the face and lets you know the direction to go with your makeup. The mascara opens up the eyes and you may realize that there is not much else that you may need to complete the look.

Luxetips: You are definitely living your dream. What advice would you give to others who are working hard to accomplish their dreams?

Napoleon Perdis: There is absolutely no substitute for hard work, perseverance and passion.


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