Luxetips! Kaboodle Home: A Luxe Blend of Refinished, Vintage, New and Local

Luxetips! Kaboodle Home: A Luxe Blend of Refinished, Vintage, New and Local

Hello Divas!

Always remember a setback is a setup for a comeback!

Divas I am so excited to tell you about my new favorite home store, Kaboodle Home, located in East Atlanta Village (EAV) in the heart of Atlanta, GA.


For you Atlanta locals, Kaboodle Home was formerly the super fab Traders and Area Urban Interiors both located in East Atlanta and Edgewood.  I so loved Traders and was so sad when they closed years ago.  I purchased my dining room table from Traders 7 years ago and it has been the best buy ever.  It is high quality, durable and gorgeous! 

Divas I have to say that Kaboodle Home is even more fab than Traders and Area Urban Interiors combined.  This unique and eclectic home store features a luxe blend of new, refinished and vintage home goods and accessories and I love it!  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a refinished and vintage junkie.  


The owner of Kaboodle Home Micheal Knight and his partner Terrance, also design their own furniture for Kaboodle Home.  Their designs are custom and one of a kind.  If you purchase a piece of furniture from their collection, you can be pretty certain no one else will have your piece.  

Here are a few items they design, that are simply amazing!

Custom Lath Wood pieces.  

The Kaboodle team take lath wood found behind plaster walls of older homes and use this wood to create tables, chests and other fab items.  


Industrial fan tables.  

I have NEVER seen tables like these eva! Micheal and Terrance offer these customs tables in unique colors and finishes.  They are offered in coffee or dining tables.  Micheal said these items are a hot commodity and are always in demand.  Love it!


The Kaboodle team custom pieces range from $399 to $899.  I love that I can buy a custom piece that is unique, high quality and affordable.

Refinished/Vintage Furniture.  

Kaboodle also sells refinished and vintage furniture by local vendors.  I came across a few refinished/items that were to die for.  Like this unbelievable Victorian couch:


and these gorgeous distressed chairs and drawers. Swoon!



Kaboodle also sells gorgeous upholstery items like sofas, sectionals and chairs from Rowe furniture.  When you purchase upholstery from Rowe furniture, you can pick your fabric and any other touches at Kaboodle Home and the piece can be ordered and purchased to your liking at the store. I need a new sofa in the worst way and here are some sectionals that caught my eye:


Sofas start at retail price of $1100 and sectionals start at $2000.

The other offerings at Kaboodle Home that I think make the store special are the art and other accessories offered by local artists.  I love supporting local vendors.  And Atlanta has some amazing vendors offering quality and beautiful products!

Here are some gorgeous art pieces:


Delicious smelling hand made soaps:


Divine candles.  I have the Hot Mess candle and I love, love, love it!


When I visit East Atlanta Village, I just love going to Kaboodle Home and walking through the store.  It is filled with beautiful items and has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  Plus they always have new items every time I visit and I love that! 

Kaboodle Home is open from 12-9pm Tuesday through Sunday and is closed on Monday.  

Be sure to visit and tell them Luxetips sent you!




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21 Responses to “Luxetips! Kaboodle Home: A Luxe Blend of Refinished, Vintage, New and Local”

  1. Robin Masshole Mommy February 29, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    It looks like they have a lot of cute things there. I love the rustic look of some of their pieces.

  2. Those pieces are outstanding! I love those industrial fan tables. I’ve never seen anything like them before.

  3. I love unique pieces and home furnishings. Especially pieces with a vintage flair.

  4. It looks as if Kaboodle Home offers some fabulous items. I am a sucker for repurposed goods, unique artwork and throw pillows.

  5. Thank You Latoicha!!!!!
    Old School Locker Furniture
    Is another one of big things!!!!
    Come see us Divas!

  6. Whew. I do love vintage decor. Sounds like the place to get that.

  7. This definitely seems like a great place to pick up some unique furniture. I’d love to check it out.

  8. I have never heard of this store before but I can see why you love it. It has some great pieces for sale!

  9. This store looks very unique. I love the pieces that you have pictured. I’m only about 8 hours away from Atlanta. Maybe I could convince the husband to take a little trip with me. 🙂

  10. That is soooo my kind of store. Now if only I lived a little closer, guess I just need to plan a trip and bring along a trailer to load up.

  11. I totally love the industrial tables! What cool stuff.

  12. Don’t you just love to come across furniture that is unique and beautiful? I love visiting vintage shops for just that reason.

  13. I am in love with this store, I must see one in real life. I am thinking that I would love walking around and at least window shopping there for ideas to make a list of must gets later on!

  14. My living room is in need of a little TLC. I love how unique the decor is in Kaboodle Home. So much personality!

  15. You have some beautiful pictures.
    You have a nice sense of style.

  16. Looks like a great source for furnishings. very nice pieces

  17. What creative ingenuity they make, as well as great conversation pieces. This is definitely a shop to visit to discover the one (or more) item in the store that turns a house into a home.

  18. I’m going have to check it out, so beautiful. I’m obsessed with wood pieces so this is amazing.

  19. I love the blend of vintage and modern pieces. Looks like a store I could get lost in

  20. I do love Vintage design, it’s really unique.

  21. Love the rustic, yet modern look of their furniture. I’ll have to check out this store next time I’m in the neighborhood.

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