Luxetips Kids! Beach Essentials From Mini Boden

Luxetips Kids! Beach Essentials From Mini Boden

Hello Divas!

Patience, Faith, and Endurance builds character and strength to get through life battles. 

My Dad gave me the best advice ever:  cherish your children while they are younger because they will be teens soon and it will be a little bit harder. I am taking my Dad’s advice and loving on them everyday.  One way I show my love for the luxe kids is treating them to beach getaways.  My kids love the beach as much as I do.  So this Summer we plan to get to the beach as much as possible.  

As I prepare for our beach vacays, I am looking for super cute and adorable beachwear.  Of course Mini-Boden never disappoints and they have tons of fabulous beachwear for luxe kids everywhere. 

For luxe baby who is now becoming a luxe girl, I love these items:


This pretty bikini is too cute!  It is polka dot and with enough material that is it not inappropiate for little girls. 

I love the Daisy Summer dress.  Isn’t it perfect for little divas?



Rompers are always a must! Love!



Luxe son will love these items from Johnnie B Boys because he has officially outgrown Mini-Boden.  

He needs swim shorts desperately and these are perfect!



All boys love graphic tees and this @ shirt is perfect for luxe son because he loves the Internet.





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