Luxetips Kids! GAP I Want Candy Holiday Collection

Luxetips Kids! GAP I Want Candy Holiday Collection

Hello Divas!

Always remain thankful for your blessings.

GAP recently introduced their new Kids Holiday Collection and it is entitled “I Want Candy.”  Cute.  I am a longtime and avid GAP fan, so I had to check it out.  Here are a few pieces I love for the luxe kids!

I just love this ensemble for luxe son.  I especially love the layers this outfit offers.  A reversible hoodie under a sweater and a plaid jacket on top.  Khakis plus a trapper hat and cool kicks, luxe son will be the flyest kid on the playground! LOL!

 Luxe baby is all about the accessories.  She is obsessed with shoes already! Yikes.  These faux fur mittens will be a hit.  She loves the luxe and these are just that.

I love the layers of pink on this tiered ribbon dress.  A simple long sleeved tee underneath is all you need.

This coat is simply classic.  I love the retro mod style.  A must for any little Diva.

Gap calls this cardigan the Luxe Rosetta Cardigan.  How appropriate. This would look great over the tiered ribbon dress.

GAP is currently running a 30% off sale on all of their new Kids Holiday items.  Grab some of these items while you can because they will surely sell out.



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  1. Luvs for luxe babies. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Miss Posh Life 🙂

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