Luxetips Kids! GAP Spring Finds

Luxetips Kids! GAP Spring Finds

Hello Divas!

The key to life is to keep your Faith, no matter what you go through.

While perusing GAP’s website, I found these cute items for luxe baby and luxe son.

 I can’t wait to go in store and show luxe baby this sequined GAP hoodie.  She is a hoodie fanatic and she loves the bling! Gorgeous. It retails for $34.95.

Colored denim is in and of course all luxe baby have to rock a pair.  Purple is her color.  These Colorpop mini skinny jeans retail for $29.95.

For luxe son, I love these items.

 I love this garment dyed blazer for luxe son. Khaki for Spring rules! It retails for $39.95.

 Rugby striped shirt. Always classic. Only $14.95.

Stone gray washed straight leg 1969 GAP premium denim. On sale for $17.99.



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