Luxetips Kids! Luxe Boys Get Ready For Summer With GAP

Luxetips Kids! Luxe Boys Get Ready For Summer With GAP

We have officially skipped two seasons and and jumped from Fall directly into Summer. The adorable onesies I had planned to bring Chameleon Baby home in had to go back to Gap. I look to see if I could find them in larger sizes for next Winter but alas, I could not. While perusing the site for winter sales, I ran across the adorable summer collection. Trust Gap not to disappoint when it comes to cute boys clothing (retailers take note). Gap refuses to go compromise when it comes to its boys. The boys clothing is equally cute, equally classy and equally affordable as the girls numbers. If the girls have dressy clothes, so do the boys, if the girls have simple classic and clean looks, so do the boys. What I love most about Gap is that like Zara, Gap clothing is not dominated by trucks, ducks, monsters and the like. Yes, I know little boys like that stuff, but that does not mean that they have to wear it everyday, and further; how will they learn to dress themselves if that is all they can find (okay, enough with the ranting. I think you get my point by now.) Here are my Gap favorites for the Chameleon Baby’s Summer wardrobe:

Madras short romper, 26.95, Gap
Banded fedora, 16.95, Gap
Chambray short romper, 29.95, Gap
Chambray bucket hat, 16.95, Gap
Braided ankle-strap flip flops , 16.95, Gap

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