Luxetips Kids! Luxe Kids Heart Zara

Luxetips Kids! Luxe Kids Heart Zara

I will admit the little Chameleon Baby is quite spoiled and he is not even here yet. However, in my defense, this is not all my doing. You can thank at least 75 some odd other people in his life including the exuberant grandparents who have already purchased little Tiger some golf clubs. I will admit that I have put a bit of effort into creating his fist year’s wardrobe.  So what’s wrong with that?  It is the only time he will not be on hands and knees tearing holes in the seat of his Polo jeans.
Hubby was a bit upset at the fact that I spent 30 dollars on Gap cable knit onesie (his going home outfit, of course). And he was even a little perturbed at the $12.99 spent on several Polo onesies from TJMaxx. Considering the amounts of time kids spend in clothes, I understood his frustration. It is just so hard though. There is a myriad of clothes for girls at all price points and styles, and the girls clothes do not all scream Sprout or Nick or have some Disney character or cartoon.
“Boys fashion just isn’t fun. ” is what one designer friend said, “You can only use so many colors and do so many styles.” Okay, I get it, I’m a girl. I love to play dress up.  As a child I was very neat and I could wear nice clothes for longer periods of time than most of my male equivalents, but does that mean that moms of boys are relegated to Tonka trucks, dinosaurs and sports attires for the little boys? What happened to dress -up clothes? The Easter selection at one of my favorite store is blooming with rich pinks and lace for the little girls, and what for the little boys? Casual shirts and short-sleeved shirts! Gasp!  I did not see one seer sucker suit!
I am quite disappointed. I hate to vent, but there it is.  I clearly I cannot spend 30 bucks for every piece of  the Chameleon Baby’s wardrobe, but I have found my go to for a nice piece here and there: Zara kids. The fact that Zara now allows online purchasing makes it all the more easier for an online shopper like myself. Here are my favorites for the Chameleon Baby’s 2012 closet:

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