Luxetips Kids! Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner Works for Luxe Baby!

Luxetips Kids! Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner Works for Luxe Baby!

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Luxe baby has very thick curly hair.  I have to keep it moisturized because if I don’t it becomes a dry tangled affair.  Yikes! As a result, I am always looking for conditioners and styling products that will keep her curls moisturized and cute.

Most products I have used have been great, but very sticky.  I loved Miss Jessie’s Babybutter Cream, but it is very sticky and leaves a lot of product to stain clothes, sheets, etc.  Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie worked great but caused major product build up in luxe baby’s hair.  My friend Renee introduced me to Knot Today and it was winning me over until I tried Mixed Chicks, leave-in conditioner.  

Luxe baby’s hair after styling with Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner.

I was REALLY surprised how well Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner worked on luxe baby’s hair because I always assumed Mixed Chicks was for individuals with a more wavy loose curl pattern as opposed to luxe baby’s thicker tight curl pattern.  I simply did not think the product could “handle” luxe baby’s hair.  I am glad I was wrong.  Mixed Chicks leave-in-conditioner is light but it moisturizes perfectly.  I used it after washing luxe baby’s hair and then I coated her hair with it and used it as a styling tools to create a twist set.  It perfectly defined and held her curls and more importantly it did not leave luxe baby’s hair sticky.  We have been using the product for several weeks and her hair still feels light, bouncy, and soft.  She can touch her hair and play with it without product coating her hand.  And it keeps luxe baby’s hair moisturized and does not cause tangles.  We love it!

Mixed Chicks leave-in-conditioner claims to work with all curly hair types and they are right on the money.  Luxe baby and I are sold.

A 10 oz. bottle of Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner retails for $16.00. Well worth the price!  Also if you buy a bottle of Mixed Chicks leave-in-conditiner this month with the pink cap, Mixed Chicks will donate $1.00 to Save the Ta-Tas Foundation for breast cancer research.  I am always a sucker for beauty for a cause!


Disclaimer:  Product was submitted for review, however all opinions expressed are mine and 100% honest.

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  1. My conclusion is that this is a good product for anyone with long thick hair, but less so for anyone with short hair or relatively thin hair. –leave-in conditioner

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