Luxetips Kids! Nike Elite Socks

Luxetips Kids! Nike Elite Socks

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Luxe son had been obsessive about Nike Elites. At first I had no idea what he was talking about. He kept saying “Mom I really need Nike Elites” I just kept nodding and moving on to the next thing. Well we were looking for new Baseball cleats and he screamed “Mom there are the Nike Elites” and proceeded to beg for them. I’m like so they are socks, no biggie until I saw the price tag: $14 whopping dollars for 1 pair. I was like $14??????? I can get three bags of 8 pair of socks for $14. Gheesh.

But he had to have them and I brought two pair. Gasp! And now I have to admit they are pretty awesome.

Nike Elites are Basketball socks and have extra cushion to absorb shock. They also are moisture wicking, so young athletes’ feet remain dry during physical activity. More importantly for luxe son and the kids over the world that wear them for fashion, the signature rectangles up the back of the socks is just hot. Swag.

Check luxe son out in his Nike Elites.

You can find Nike Elites at any Kids’ Footlocker.



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