Luxetips Kids: Nike, Gap, and Target

Luxetips Kids: Nike, Gap, and Target

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Luxe baby has been looking so cute lately and I decided to do some posts on her little outfits.  When I purchase clothes for my kids, I always buy high, low and in between.  Usually the high end items include shoes and outwear.  The low end items are from Target, but great quality and good for playing. And in between includes the GAPs, JCrews, etc.

I love GAP for kids because the clothes are stylish and of very high quality.  The clothes are made well and can take a beating and keep on ticking.  Luxe baby looooves GAP hoodies and she choose this zip-up hoodie with the word GAP in metallic purple.  She has good taste!

Underneath the GAP hoodie is her Circo Target brand outfit.  You can purchase tons of shirts and leggings for $5 bucks each and mix and match them.  Of course pink is her favorite color.

The Nike Boots are her very best accessory. She loves these shoes. She gets tons of compliments on them and she eats it up.



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  1. The pink leggings are to die for! too cute! I spend so much money at GAP for the whole family!

  2. Hi Rhonda!

    Thank you! I am a GAP stan! I shop there for myself also.


  3. new site design. nice! look at luxe baby! i love her. your little mini me.. she def has your eyes!

  4. @Yummy411 Thank you so much! I just get giddy when people say she looks like me. I appreciate ya girl!

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