Luxetips Kids! Stepping in Style with ImmanuelCloset

Luxetips Kids! Stepping in Style with ImmanuelCloset

I was psyched last Monday morning when my gift  for a very prissy one-year old arrived. Yes, I am late with the birthday gift, but it was definitely well worth the wait. ImmanuelCloset, a boutique selling the most adorable baby shoes, was launched just this past February. The Etsy shop is gaining popularity fast, especially with yours truly. Currently, ImmanuelCloset carries mainly girls shoes, but the designer isnow  branching out into a boys line. Each shoe has a moniker appropriate to the style of the shoe. All shoes are lined with 100% cotton. I purchased two of my personal favorites, the Jackie O. and the Jessue. The Jessue was fashioned for the designer,Val Mac’s mother, because the shoe reminded Val of  her stylish mother in her younger years.  

How sweet! Initially, the designer took a 100% silk shirt that her mother no longer wore and fashioned pieces of it into a silk bow. The bow, a pretty pop of pink sits atop a white leopard print with tan and black stripes. The Jackie O., which is as equally fabulous as the Jessue, is a peep-toe linen sling-back (Yes! Babies have sling-backs.) with a gingham bow and gingham strap. Sweet Pea Boutique and Mom’s Focus are other blogs currently hosting or soon to host a giveaway featuring ImmanuelCloset. The Jackie O. and the Jessue sale for $25.00 and $22.00 respectively at ImmanuelCloset.


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