Luxetips Kids! Target Romper and Forever 21 Hair Accessories

Luxetips Kids! Target Romper and Forever 21 Hair Accessories

Hello Divas!

What I am discovering in life is that you have good days and bad days.  Good seasons and bad seasons.  The key is to remain faithful and thankful.  When I am feeling down I read Matthew Ch. 5, 6, 7.  Whether you are a Christian or not, it puts life in perspective.

Luxe baby or should I say “Luxe Diva” celebrated her birthday this weekend.  I went to Target to get a birthday outfit and I picked out this really cute sundress.  However, Luxe baby had other plans.  She saw this Cherokee romper and said “No Mommy, I want that one!” How could I say no.  She looks adorable in it.

My sister purchased her these gorgeous flower hair bows from Forever 21.  My sister is obsessed with Forever 21.  They were a perfect compliment!  Luxe baby was so luxe on her birthday….as every little luxe baby should be.

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