Luxetips Kids! Tsukihoshi Shoes

Luxetips Kids! Tsukihoshi Shoes

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My little luxe baby is really not a baby anymore, but she is my baby.  She really is a little luxe Diva, with a capital D. Believe it. Where did she get this from? Anywhoo, last week I realized she could not fit any of her shoes.  In one year her feet have grown 2 sizes. It is just astounding. So we had to go shoe shopping.  We went to a very cute children’s boutique shoe store, Sprong Shoes, in Atlanta.  I like Sprong because they have high quality and unique shoes that I can’t find anywhere else.  Plus they always have sales!

When luxe baby was 18 months, I purchased her a pair of Tsukihoshi Shoes from Sprong.  Now I had never heard of this line, but the Sprong salesperson raved about them and plus they were on sale.  So I gave them a whirl and I loved them! Tsukihoshi Shoes are from Japan and their motto is “hyper-functional shoes for kids”.  These shoes are designed for balanced-landing.  Most children walk on their arches and Tsukihoshi shoes are designed to stabilize the foot.  Since childrens’ arches in their feet are still forming, Tsukihoshi shoes have molded cup insoles to support a child’s developing arch. They are light and flexible and provide a bare-foot like comfort for your child.

Most importantly, the inside sole is made with green tea leaf extract which neutralizes odor and keeps the foot cool.  It is also removable, so you won’t damage the sole when washing.  And oh yeah, the number one reason I bought the shoes is that they are machine washable.

Plus they are so darn cute.  I purchased luxe baby the silver, pink and fuschia Tsukihoshi 06 shoe and they are so adorable.  Luxe baby will wear these shoes all summer.  I just pray she doesn’t outgrow them until Fall hits.

The Tsukihoshi 06 shoe retails for $52.  Now the price is a little bit more than what I would normally pay, but considering the benefits and technology of the shoe, it is worth it.  Plus her last pair of Tsukihoshi shoes, which I paid $20 for on sale, took a licking and kept on ticking.  When she outgrew them, those shoes were in in top condition. I was impressed.

If you are interested in this line, you can visit their store locator page to find an online or brick and mortar retailer near you.



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  1. Children’s shoes should have laces, velcro or some other fastening system. As a general rule, avoid backless or slip-on shoes for kids.

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