Luxetips Style: Amatuer Stylist I Am

Luxetips Style: Amatuer Stylist I Am

Hello Divas!

I hope life is treating you wonderfully! Remember be slow to anger and quick to forgive.  It just makes life easier.

As you know, sometimes I am an amateur make-up artist to THE FRIENDS.  I am also an occasional stylist also.  It really is not work or a chore for me, because I LOVE shopping and finding fabulous looks for less.  I have helped my girl, funkidivagirl, via texting and other good friends in store.  Recently, my friend Renee, needed help finding and creating a look to attend a formal gala with her husband.  I was like sure no problem.

Considering it was a function celebrating the legal and judiciary profession, I felt neutral colors like black, off white and silver were best.  Since she was on a budget, I suggested we go to the formal dress department at Macy’s.  Macy’s always has super cute and high quality formal and semi-formal dresses on the clearance rack.  I was sure we could find something there.

With luxe kids and her daughter in tow, I pulled about 50 dresses from the rack that fit the look I wanted to create and went from there.  We finally found the “one”, A Jill Stuart classic on sale and after that it was all downhill.  Next we needed to find shoes.  Before a much needed dinner break with the kids, we were walking through the mall and was offered a 30% coupon at Nine West shoes.  Since there was a sale going on, I suggested we start there first. I had to take the elevator down with luxe baby and stroller and passed Nine West shoes.  I spied the perfect shoes to compliment the dress.  Here is a pic:

Lastly, I consulted with Renee on hair, make-up, and accessories.  I suggested either long dangling fierce earrings or a necklace.  She mentioned she had several silver and black cuffs, but she was also interested in wearing a cocktail ring.  I thought either the cocktail or the cuff will do.  I didn’t want her to wear too much jewelry to distract from the dress.

Renee originally wanted to get her hair blown out and wear it straight.  However, there was some drama there.  So she opted to go with her natural curly hair and I suggested a mohawk style.  She has worn one before and she is made to wear them.

Make-up was a cinch.  I didn’t have to use any foundation on her face, because her skin is truly flawless. Certifiable.  I used Lancome’s Declaring Indigo gel eyeliner for a dramatic look.  I used Becca Cosmetics Mazu highlighting cream in the corner of her eyes and on her brow bone.  I also used Becca lip gloss in Mai Tai a sheer peach nude on her lips and a little bit of NARS Lovejoy blush on the apples of her cheek.  She got a mani/pedi with a sheer pink OPI polish.

Results?  She looked like a rock/movie star. Polished but HAUTE!

The only thing I would have done differently was have her carry a red clutch.  I kept meaning to tell her to get one all day, but it just slipped my mind.

What do yall think?  Do I have skillz?


Luxe Tips


5 Responses to “Luxetips Style: Amatuer Stylist I Am”

  1. I know that you have skillz and you really put those to work on Renee….she looks incredible! I love the dress and the shoes! (And the attitude in your pose, Renee.)

  2. This is indeed a hot look and you did a great job but in your post you stated this was a formal gala celebrating the legal and judiciary profession, the dress is a tad short & tight in my opinion and it’s not very formal looking. Her look is more suitable for a hot date night with her significant other or girls night out.

  3. Mad skillz!!

  4. I like the hair! My girlfriend had that kind of style before, but she let her hair grow long for many months, so now her look’s different. Actually, she just went to one of those Santa Monica hair salons near her office last week, and they gave her a new ‘do that made her look more elegant and mature. I fell in love with her all over again upon seeing her!

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