Luxetips Style: ASOS: Twenty-what?

Luxetips Style: ASOS: Twenty-what?

The little sister is turning twenty-five and looking for the perfect party dress to do for her cocktail affair. She specifically asked me to help her find something where she would be “naked but not too naked,” and “different,” and within budget. She has $150.00 to spend. While I have been off the scene for some time, there are some rules that will never change when picking out the perfect  party dress:
1. If it is your party, you can be as dressy or as comfortable as you wish.
2. Whatever you wear let it be flattering to your figure and skin tone.
3. When in doubt, wear your color (I am not sure what the little sister’s most flattering color is, but we will figure it out.) She wants a pink number but she
“doesn’t do pink.”  I told her that she should rediscover pink as a woman, but we will save that discussion for another post.
4. Less is not always more. Less clothing does not equal sexy. We want you to look good, Baby Girl, but you are turning twenty five. Leave some of
the younger trends behind and embrace a mature but fun and flirty look.

Here are some pieces I found for our little birthday girl that are fun and flirty without being overly sexy:

ASOS PETITE Exclusive One Shoulder Corset Dress With Feather Skirt               

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Dress With Feather Skirt

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