Luxetips Style! Chic I-Phone 7 Cases: Otterbox Symmetry Series Cases: A Bouquet Fit for Spring

Luxetips Style! Chic I-Phone 7 Cases:  Otterbox Symmetry Series Cases: A Bouquet Fit for Spring

I recently had to break down and purchase another iPhone. (Cue the dirge). I was desperately trying to hold out for the highly-anticipated, Tenth Anniversary, scheduled to be released in September, but God had a different plan for my bank account. (Pass the tissues.)

Now, I believe myself to be a somewhat practical individual, but rarely do I miss an opportunity to express myself. There is seldom a chance where I will sacrifice form for function; utility just does not always win out with me, but I knew I needed something sturdy case that would survive two toddlers and perhaps another complete underwater submersion.

OtterBox is known for its sturdy high-quality cases. The standard black and dark gray cases stand the test of time. I bear witness to it having seen other people’s phones outlast my own, but the vanity standing on my left shoulder said in a very Iyanla Vanzant voice said, “Not on my watch.”  I swear vanity wins every time, I could not muster the courage to purchase a plain black OtterBox to protect my new phone.

Well, you know me, vanity won, but here’s why: I ran across an OtterBox with a bit of flair. OtterBox makes a very sturdy hard-shell, floral case that happens to compliment my Betsey Johnson makeup bag. Betsey is the Queen of florals and in my opinion is at the forefront of making florals edgy, littering her floral prints against cheetah prints and tattoos.  If you are anything like me – vain, visual, a lover of aesthetics – then neither your makeup bag or your phone is a solid black. If you are looking for a way to protect your new iPhone and still compliment your personal style, then try the OtterBox Symmetry Series Case for iPhone 7, in Bouquet. You can find it on Amazon for $25.00.


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