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I know there has been a hiccup in blog posts.  I have had major life issues.  My Mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on October 26 and passed away on December 1st.  It was the most heartbreaking event of my life.  I hope to one day get over it, but it was so quick and she was only 59.  She was an incredible woman and will always be my role model and hero. Thank you for being patient and continuing to check in with Luxetips.
Chamele is pregnant and we are very happy for her.  Please continue to enjoy her posts.

I am not sure whether Hubby and I will do the dramatic Mommy poses where he kisses my belly  and I hold myself,  but you know me,  I already have an outfit for the photoshoot if we opt for those pictures.  I am head-over-heels for the Child of the Rose Lucy Maxi Dress by Wildfox.  You already know with a name like Child of the Rose, the dress conjures earthiness, romanticism, and the ethereal quality of Sookie’s kind (I mean like fairies in “True Blood.”) I felt as though I was floating when I tried the dress on. I know, a bit more bohemian than you would expect for my classic style, but what can I say, I am the Style Chameleon and chameleons like to change it up. The Child of the Rose Dress  is a blood orange maxi dress with rose applique along the sides (I will have to tell you about paneling later but it is my new BFF.) The maxi dress is asymmetrical with a fishtail. Believe it or not fishtails are going to big this upcoming Spring. They started to peak early this  Fall and I do expect to see more of them, but more on those magical hemlines later. I love the Child of the Rose Dressbecause of its asymmetry, but also the thin-knit, wispy blend of acrylic, nylon and wool that wears like fine mohair or angora and loosely clings to the frame. My first instinct, like many expecting mothers was to cover myself under the loosest layers possibly, but so many people are bucking this trend and for all the better. You should be proud of your baby bump and this soft  bold color makes me want to show off my belly bump.  Don’t be put off by the fact that I want to wear it during my maternity either, the Child of the Rose Dress is not maternity wear. It is for any daring earth mama. You can find the Child of the Rose Dressin Dirty Black and Free Love Red at for $475.00. I am now on the hunt for a suitable alternative, and honestly I cannot find one, but I will let you know what I come up.
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