Luxetips Style! Crafting An Unforgettable Wedding!

Luxetips Style! Crafting An Unforgettable Wedding!

Every bride wants an unforgettable wedding. She will go to great lengths to choose the right dress, the most beautiful flowers, the perfect bridesmaid’s dresses and the right venue. She may go all out and arrange a destination wedding in beautiful Hawaii. But at the end of it all, unless she takes steps to make her ceremony non-traditional and unforgettable, she simply has a traditional wedding in a beautiful location.

We will share with you some tips that will help you turn your elegant and chic wedding into an experience no one will ever forget. We will help you go from great to mind-blowing.


Health and focus

Well before you begin preparing for the wedding, you need to take some simple steps to help you be at your best. Make sure you get plenty of rest, fresh water, and nutritious foods. Build your immune system with supplements from Corpina. Consider some all natural supplements to assist you with focus and mental sharpness.

The wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses

You need a professional to assist you in finding the right dress. Not only should it be the dress of your dreams, but it should be designed to be worn comfortably if you opt for a destination wedding (like Hawaii). These same considerations must go into the selection of the bridesmaid dresses. Industry leader Azazie, offers a sample dress that can be shipped to you for your consideration. This is a great program in such a busy industry,

The WOW factors

Have you ever noticed how the bride walking down an aisle looks flawless on television? That is because they have special lighting. Perhaps the room is a bit dimmed and there are twinkling lights draped from the ceiling, and maybe the bride is bathed in a warm and flattering light. If you want an unforgettable wedding, invest in good lighting.

It is the unforgettable moments that make a wedding a wondrous experience.

  • Have a blanket of rose petals cascade down on the bride and groom as they share their first kiss.
  • Have guests hold up lit sparklers to the couple to run past or under at the end of the day.
  • Provide group transportation
    • Limo bus
    • Hummers
    • Segways
    • Group bicycles
  • Hire a professional DJ/Entertainer
  • Provide a Hawaiian Luau buffet instead of traditional wedding foods
  • Decorate the tables with local fruit
  • Use the flowers of the wedding to create a flower wall.

Open Bar?

Weddings should have an open bar, but in keeping with our other plans, hire a local professional with a good handle on local cocktails for the region. You can even have them set up a little workstation to let the guest create their own drinks with chunks of fruit, ice, sugars, salt and decorations. Let the professional control the alcohol, but the guests will have a great time otherwise.

Group fun

Let your guests join in on the after wedding fun with a great group tour. Discover Hawaii Tours are a great way to turn your wedding into a mini-vacation for everyone. There are many unique tours available. Helicopter tours, live volcano tours, swimming with the dolphins, or star gazing in the most beautiful place in the world, where the stars look like diamonds in a velvet sky. There are tours that focus on the history of the islands and the history of the nation. There are private beaches and miles of crystal clear oceans.  

These ideas are not in addition to your normal wedding plans. They are in the place of your normal wedding plans, It is not a matter of adding to the budget, but more a matter of how to rearrange the budget. Once you have selected the activities you want to include in your wedding, start prioritizing. You can have a perfect and unforgettable wedding if you allow yourself to think outside the box. Don’t be shy. Reach for the sky. This is your wedding and it is designed to last forever.


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