Luxetips Style! Dawn Levy DL2 Line of Sleek & Sexy Puffer Coats

Luxetips Style! Dawn Levy DL2 Line of Sleek & Sexy Puffer Coats

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One of my favorite books is “The Four Agreements.”  It reminds us that we can’t take slights or situations personally no matter how much we feel personally attacked.  It is not about us. It is about the other person attacking. 

Luxury coat designer, Dawn Levy, has a line of luxurious sleek puffy coats that are all the rage.  The coats are made to hug a woman’s curves while also being warm, functional and with a bit of glamour.  

Dawn Levy recently launched her DL2 line that features coats made with the same quality but with a more affordable price tag.  Check them out!

Via DL2, 

The DL2 line offers the same slimming warm coats with a slimming budget to match. The Bell is a beautiful short puffer with princess sleeves that show off the skinny girl on the go. It’s a luxurious jacket that only costs $439. Another perfect gift for the chic woman is the DL2 Natashia; it is an all-white puffer with faux fox fur for the eco-conscious individual. This coat is only $525. The DL2 line is also famous for its classic quilted moto, the Marley. The tailored waist and cube pattern creates an elegant appeal for an elegant gal. This is one of the most expensive in the DL2 line at $699.

Here are the coats!

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Love!  I tend to shy away from puffy coats because I think they are a bit too bulky and not classic enough for me.  However, these DL2 coats have definitely changed my mind.



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