Luxetips Style: Distressed Denim Done Right!

Luxetips Style: Distressed Denim Done Right!

Hello Divas!

I heard a powerful statement watching Oprah’s Life Class with Pastor Joel Osteen: “Whatever follows I am comes looking for you.”  Be mindful of what you say about yourself.  Feed your soul positive words to defeat negative thoughts!

Well I see a trend that is reminiscent of when I was in college:  the destroyed/distressed denim look.  Back then, we simply ripped our jeans perfectly ourselves.  No need to buy them distressed.  After a couple of washes, they were perfect.  Today’s high end distressed denim is expensive and I believe a waste of money.  But a friend of mine did point out that the tear is backed by patches or jean material so the tear does not just keep going and going.  But isn’t that the beauty of ripped jeans?  The uncertainty of what look the tear will create?

Well here are some of my favorite distressed jeans looks.  I think I am going for the DIY!

 Rag and Bone


Found via Pinterest

Now this is me all the way. Love it.

Luxe Tips


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