Luxetips Style! Escada Handpainted Clutch! Luxe and Unique

Luxetips Style! Escada Handpainted Clutch! Luxe and Unique

I had the opportunity to visit the Escada store in Lenox Mall this past week and had special treatment from the store’s assistant manager who also happens to be one of my favorite fashionistas, Jocelin Drake-Houston. Jocelin has a unique flair and killer eye for styling people of varying body types and within any budget. She picked out some numbers for me based on the spring trends and we also discussed Escada’s history and fall lines.

So, what are this season’s trends? Last week, I shared  you the statement sleeve trend. Jocelin told me that 80’s and 90’s retro, pants suits, and palazzo pants are where it’s at this spring. She also mentioned florals are big, particularly hand-painted florals.  Hand-painted leather, generally, is a big trend.

I must say, with my body type, I am not feeling the oversize pants and pants suits, but I am always for an over-sized clutch. And of course, my radar went off upon entering the store when my eye immediately ran across this over- sized hand-painted clutch. It is equal parts modern and chic- a basic black with delicate white bamboo strategically placed on the clutch unlike other.

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