Luxetips Style! Escada Power Sheath Dress: Luxe and Powerful

Luxetips Style! Escada Power Sheath Dress: Luxe and Powerful


If you’ve been following LuxeTips for the long haul (that’s been 10 years and what a blessing), and if you know anything about the Chameleon, then you know I’m a sucker for a sheath dress. Despite the natural Mohawk I rock, I have a classic style and I love the myriad ways you can wear a sheath (with a coat, cardigan, belted scarf, sleeveless vest, turtleneck, with thigh boots or Louboutin’s … you name it). The sheath has a figure- flattering shape that screams power and sex all in one without being overtly feminine or crass. It should be a part of every woman’s capsule wardrobe. Period.

Now, if you’re a BMJ (Being Mary Jane) fan like me then you know that Gabrielle Union rocks a sheath dress like no other. Gaby’s sheath dresses are tailored to fit her well-maintained figure and are updated with texture, cutouts and color. She finds numerous ways to enjoy classic lines without being boring or too “corporate.” Gaby seriously has the lockdown on the sheath dress.

On my last visit to Escada, I found the perfect dress with small flutter sleeves in an eye-catching turquoise that screamed “Gaby’s power dress”, “Spring”, “Easter”,” after-five”, and “buy me” all at once. Now, before you get your panties in a bunch over the price, because the sheath is a classic shape you can find them at all price points. Here’s the beautiful Dress Deluna sheath from Escada .

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Dress Deluna in Pool, $825.00 at Escada


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