Luxetips Style! House of Harlow Sunglasses at TJMAXX

Luxetips Style! House of Harlow Sunglasses at TJMAXX

With all this warm weather, I am sure you are excited about Summer. TJMaxx appears to be gearing up for warm weather adding a host of new sunglasses including these pairs by Theory and House of Harlow and at the wonderful discounted TJMaxx prices.  The House of Harlow 1960’s are definitely a blast from the past, reminiscent of the Mod culture, while the House of Harlow Daina is very Jackie O., and includes slight metal detail at the corner of the eye. Both pairs are plastic and retail at TJMaxx for $69.99, nearly half of regular retail price.
You probably noticed many of the glasses are oversized and black. I am a sucker for the classic Jackie look. The Theory pair are just that, at only $29.99.
If you are more daring, colored sunglasses are in for another season. There is a wide variety of cream, red and green ranging from $39.99 to $69.99 in brands like TheoryHouse of Harlow and Juicy Couture.

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  1. I happened to come across a pair of House of Harlow Cary Sunglasses at my local TJ Maxx; I was not sure if I should buy another pair of sunglasses to add to my (huge) pile already, but I ended up returning back to the store 3 hours later and bought them. Glad I did, I love these sunglasses!!

  2. These are exactly the type of sunglasses I’ve been dreaming of lately. There was a bunch at my local Off 5th, but all priced around $129. Thanks for the TJ Maxx tip. I’m going to check mine out. Sounds like, if I’m lucky, I could save about $100!

  3. @Stephanie C @Lollie Shopping Yep. TJ MAXX is the truth for House of Harlow. Lollie I hope you got them. Muah.

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