Luxetips Style! Hudson Barbara High Waist Denim: A Luxe Twist on Mommy Jeans!

Luxetips Style! Hudson Barbara High Waist Denim: A Luxe Twist on Mommy Jeans!

I totally miss the “My Mom the Style Icon” blog that celebrated mothers and their style. The last post was 2012; here it is five years later and I am still talking about it. My mother would have been 69 yesterday, so I wanted to dedicate today’s post to one of my favorite fashionistas and a true style icon, Mommy.

My mother was equal bits of class and femininity. Her classic style matched her southern and modest upbringing. She reminded me of Diahann Carol with her big clip- on earrings, shoulder pads and perfectly coiffed her. She wore minimal makeup to keep her look fresh, allowing her natural beauty to shine through. Her clothing was equally befitting- neat, clean and pressed with HEAVY starch. While she participated in some of the decadence of the eighties, her personal style remained timeless.

While cleaning, I found this picture of my mother, my sister and myself. My mother’s outfit was probably not one she put much effort into achieving, but it is a flawless look perfect for a Friday date night, casual Friday workday or just romping about town running Saturday errands. The white blazer and low-cut white blouse are a refreshing Spring look that can be dressed up, especially when paired with the dark denim. I have recreated the look with a pair of Hudson High-waist jeans (The new takes on high-waist denim no longer scream “Mommy”. ), $195.00 at Zappos and a BCBG Generation Blazer, $118.


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