Luxetips Style! J Crew Peacoat Trench

Luxetips  Style! J Crew Peacoat Trench
Hello Divas!
Chamele is back!  Enjoy her thoughts on the J. Crew Peacoat Trench.
This year I decided not to make any “resolutions.” Frankly, I had been calling them goals for the past ten years, but still falling short. In 2014, I have decided to “commit” myself to some new rules and new ways of living. I simply had to decrease spending as there are now two new individuals who require new clothes almost daily. That decrease in spending on the Chameleon’s wardrobe is a matter of default but still requires some deal of restraint.  I have committed myself to refrain from purchasing any new clothes in 2014 as a way of practicing sustainability. 
 J. Crew Peacoat Trench
I  even established my long awaited blog about sustainable fashion  that I had been discussing since 2004. It was originally a way for me to reuse my old threads and cut back on spending. I also  committed myself to no new threads until the first of January, 2015 (I hear you laughing and rightly so.) The commitment lasted all of 12 or 13 hours until I saw the Peacoat Trench on the cover of JCrew. Enough said. This trench is a justifiable purchase:  classic color, classic silhouette, and functional.  I can wear it for years to come. The Peacoat Trench is definitely a keeper. You can find the Peacoat Trench at JCrew for 298.00 and you can find me at Shopaholics Anonymous.
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  1. Great collection of the pea coats. i loved all the fashion.

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