Luxetips Style! JEN7 Jeans: Stylish, Flattering, and Comfort

Luxetips Style! JEN7 Jeans: Stylish, Flattering, and Comfort

Hello Divas!

Life is good. Enjoy it!

I have discovered a new luxe jean brand and I love them!


JEN7 jeans are from the makers of 7 For All Mankind.  These jeans are for women who want a nice stylish pair of high quality staple jeans that are also flattering to the figure.  JEN7 jeans are classic and can be worn day to day, dressed up or dressed down.  


The good folks at JEN7 jeans sent me a pair to try and I looove them.  They are super comfy.  They fit snug but well.  When I wear them I do not feel restricted.  In addition, the jeans are classic.  They create a slimming silhouette.  The jeans hold in any problems areas and they are appropriately waist high.  When you wear these jeans there is not any waist gap whatsoever.  They look flawless!

Check them out on me:







Photo via Tiffany Powell.

JEN7  Jeans retail between $175-$215 and they can be purchased at Nordstroms and Saks.



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