Luxetips Style! Lunch With Hublot Watches: A Little Luxe for Hublot Holidays!

Luxetips Style! Lunch With Hublot Watches: A Little Luxe for Hublot Holidays!

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Last week I had an AMAZING lunch at the famous Pricci restaurant to preview watches from the Hublot Holiday Collection.  When I first got the invite I had no idea what Hublot was all about.  I then started seeing many celebs and athletes rocking these gorgeous and over the top timepieces.  So as the lunch date arrived, I was super excited.  The Hublot Holidays luncheon did not disappoint.  Can I say super fabulousity???

Black on Black Diamonds. Love this watch!
Hublot Atlanta invited Atlanta media to lunch to learn more about the brand.  We got an opportunity to  try on the watches and gain more insight into the craftsmanship and technology behind these watches.

 Men’s watch. Big Bang.

Titanium Pave. Diamonds. 

Hublot was founded in Switzerland in 1980.  Hublot was the first luxury watchmaker to combine gold and natural rubber called the “Art of Fusion.” Yes, the bands are rubber while the face are made of diamonds and gold. Genius.  In 2008, LVMH Group, purchased the brand to supplement its watch collection.

Red Gold. Diamonds. Leopard print.

Hublot has acquired an exclusive club of brand ambassadors in the sports world….the best of the best.  Usain Bolt, Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant, and Ayrto Senna of Formula 1 fame are just a few of the sports superstars representing the brand.

The watches range in price from $10k to a whopping $50k!  I mean it is kind of surreal having a luxury car on your arm.  But if you got that kind of money to spend, then do it! LOL!

Check out more pics from the luncheon:

 Hublot representatives.


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