Luxetips Style! LUXAC, The Ultimate Luxe Rucksack

Luxetips Style! LUXAC, The Ultimate Luxe Rucksack

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We have to learn to use those who criticize, judge, distract, hate and the overall non-believers as motivators.  We can’t let them break us or make us feel bad about ourselves.  That is when they win.

Luxac, is a new luxury handbag retailer based in London that is making the backpack or as they say in London, “rucksack” super luxurious and functional.  



Via, Luxac,

“Created for women on the move, LUXAC aims to minimise the strain of carrying heavy items whilst looking sleek. Designed for women who need to carry all the usual essentials, LUXAC MAX and MIDI come with a bespoke interior sleeve to carry a light laptop or iPad.”


“Opening a LUXAC reveals a hidden gem: neatly concealed within its smart exterior, LUXAC MAX, MIDI and MINI feature a colour-matched cotton lining ranging from the simple but striking trees (Twiggy) to quirky motifs such as topless cowboys (Giant) and Skulls (Skulls ‘n’ Roses.)”


I am in love with these bags!  The leather is handcrafted using the highest quality leather and I love that the inside lining of the bags are colorful and fun.  The best part about these bags are they are designed for someone like me:  a working mom with two kids who is always on the go.  I can throw my laptop, phone and client files in the bag and move seamlessly from meetings, car pool, ballet, or baseball practice.  I will always have what I need no matter where I am.  Plus it is a bonus that the bag is a backpack, so I don’t have to worry about weighing down my shoulder with so much stuff. Genius!


You can purchase Luxac Rucksaks online here at  They retail between £225 – £445.



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