Luxetips Style! Me in GAP Fit

Luxetips Style! Me in GAP Fit

Hello Divas!

Life can be exhausting, but as long as you are living, you can live the life you want.

As promised, here are some pics of me in the GAP Fit work out gear I received courtesy of GAP.  I posted the photos on my Instagram feed and they were a hit.

 GAP gFast Leggings and Jacket with neon yellow color block stripes.

This is my favorite outfit.  Why? Because I am a runner and this outfit reminds me of my track days! Memories. Although they are form fitting and suck everything in, they are super comfortable for running.  They keep you warm in the winter and the jacket has built in fingerless gloves. Plus I look good in them. LOL!

GAP fit featherweight shirred Neon Tank with built in sports bra.

This tank top is genius.  It includes moisture wicking mesh and it is very light.  I loved the built-in bra and it holds everything in perfectly.

GAP fit gBalance Fold Over Yoga Pants.

 I could literally sleep in these pants.  They are so soft! I could do Yoga poses with ease. Plus the fold over top is great and stylish.

GAP Fit gDance pants. 

These pants are so cute and perfect for hip hop or any other exercise class.  You will look cute in the studio!
GAP fit, gflex sexy boot cut pants.

Cute pants for a power walk.  After your walk, you can stop at a cafe for lunch, run errands and pick up luxe kids at carpool in style.

GAP Fit, gRelaxed pants.

A great pair of relaxing wide leg pants for walking, riding a bike,  or an exercise class. They are super comfy.  I can also wear these to play dates with my kids or on a road trip. I love these!

Another great thing about the GAP Fit workout line of clothing is that they come with these hidden pockets.  The gFast leggings has one in the very back with a zipper.  The other pants have little hidden pockets on the back also.  This is perfect for a key, gym ID or other important cards.

The gFast jacket has inside pockets also to keep those valuable IDs safe.  You don’t have to worry about them sliding out of your pocket while running.

GAP fit work out gear ranges in price from $24.95 to $69.95 for the jacket.



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