Luxetips Style! Modcloth Post-Preggo Wishlist

Luxetips Style! Modcloth Post-Preggo Wishlist

More than anything, I am hoping to have my pre- preggo body back in the first six weeks. I know, unrealistic and ambitious, but really, it did not take 9 months to put on the weight. I put 2/3 of it on in 3 months. Yikes! So okay, we will say in three months I want to be super super close to my pre- preggo weight so that I can buy these fancy numbers for Baby Boy to spit up on (again, unrealistic for me to think that I can wear silk without the Chameleon Baby wreaking havoc on it). A girl can dream can she not, and these are the pretty little things that I will be dreaming about:
The A La Cartography Dress, which has me dreaming of my next trip, which sadly will not be until 2013. I love the keyhole slit and halter.  Remember? any reason to show off my shoulders, and the asymmetrical hem just adds whimsy on top of the already whimsical map print. You can find this number, by Eva Franco, at Modcloth for  $394.99.

I love the Spot Your Partner. It is completely adorable but also fun.  I feel like I should be having lunch on a Hermes throw (or maybe a generic Walmart throw) in Piedmont. You can wear the sleeves two ways, by rolling up and tying ties inside the dress. You can find it at Modcloth for $124.99.
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