Luxetips Style! My Grownup Wishlist- from Assouline to Zara

Luxetips Style! My Grownup Wishlist- from Assouline to Zara

I have to honestly say that the second part of this year really caught me for a surprise. I have not been shopping as much. Life happened fast and I became temporarily distracted, for the better though. I still love pretty things, I love creating new looks, and I did miss you guys, but I needed a break from the shopping and the temptation of shopping. After haven taken a nice hiatus from weekly visits to TJMaxx and daily perusals of Modcloth, I think I found my happy medium, and of course just in time to make my Christmas list. This is what I want:
1. The Assouline Coca Cola book, priced at $ 65.00 which is also carried in a much more expensive 250 page  special edition  for the mere cost of  $650.00. As an Atlanta native I love all things Alantan, and Assouline offers a wide array of show-worthy coffee table books. There are a ton of Assouline books that I want to my collection but the Coca Cola is first priority.   
2. Michael Kors Goldtone short chunky necklace– I was watching an old episode of  “A Different World” and I saw Whitley Gilbert, the quintessential Southern Belle in her cream pants and turtle neck with a gold chain link necklace. Then I saw pictures of my husband’s aunt in her fur and gold link chain. It made me nostalgic for 80’s luxe and the whole Dynasty era. A bold chain link can take a basic outfit far, and it is a classic look that will last a lifetime. There will never be a need for you to put it away, sell it, or give it away; should you feel the need to give one away, I am a happy taker. The Michael Kors Goldtone Short Chunky Necklace is $175.00, at Saks Fifth Avenue.

3.  The Callapod Charger.–   I abhor clutter and love anything that is multi-functional. When I travel, I pack a million adapters. On my last trip to New York, I left my iPhone charger (I hate leaving stuff ).  The Callapod charger would eliminate the multitude of cords that are housed in my carry-on. This one device can charge my nook, iphone, ipod (I know, crazy, right? Why not just put my music on my phone? Don’t ask.) and camera. The Callpod Chargepod Bundle Pack has 6 Adapters which means you can charge up to 6 devices at one time. The Callapod Charger is $19.99 at Amazon.

4. Chantilly romper  Realistically, I cannot wear this hot lace number at the moment, but that is why it is called a wishlist,  right?  My wishes are that: 1. I will get this dainty romper and; 2. I will be able to buy it in  my normal size. BHLDN never disappoints with their underpinnings, and this retro lace look is great for bedtime. The Chantilly romper is $290.00 at BHLDN.

5. Zara plait shopper– I’ve had my eyes on this bag since this summer, and the longing has not waned one bit. The plaited shopper is 100 percent buffalo leather and comes in blue and tan. It even has a felt cousin. All shoppers measure 12 x 17 x 9 inches and offer plenty of depth. You can find it at Zara for $159.00.

Until Christmas,

Luxe Tips


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  1. That Michael Kors necklace would look great with a simple black dress!

  2. That Zara handbag is on my wishlist too!!

    I stopped by today to let you know I awarded you the Liebster Blog Award! Congrats! Rules on my blog!

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