Luxetips Style! Oversized Cuffs

Luxetips Style! Oversized Cuffs

There is a particular individual who I see quite often. She has a clearly developed style in which I am in total admiration. A couple of months ago she had on a fierce  rose gold oversize cuff. It is about 6 to 7 inches on her wrist. I am in love with it!  The cuff reminds me of something you see ancient Egyptians wearing. She dresses it down with skinny jeans and flowing bohemian tops, but it is a cuff that can go a long way. For months,  I have been in search for one like it to share with you. I came up with these two close alternatives: one, a pair of double cuff rose gold, ASOS Hammered Double Cuffs; and two, a hammered gold plate oversize cuff. The beauty in the double cuffs is that you can wear one on each wrist and make a dramatic statement (try to forgo any other bling or ornate clothing so that the cuffs are the statement). The two cuffs sale for$ 32.23 at Asos. We love Asos!  The oversize gold plate cuff is the  over-the-top statement cuff. It is the closest version of the oversize cuff that I could find. The oversize gold plate  cuff  is at  Topshop  for only $30.00  Whoohoo!

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  1. I am digging these cuffs as well! I have silver hammered one but these gold ones are bad!

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