Luxetips Style!: Red Jeans and Stripes

Luxetips Style!: Red Jeans and Stripes

Hello Divas!:

I tell you Divas, I heard my Mom’s voice in my head today.  She said don’t worry about that, forget it and move on.  Live your life.

This past Friday, I had some downtime and was able to actually go and grab lunch at one of my favorite New Orleans/French inspired cafes.  I had just went to the salon and my hair was bouncing and flowing and my outfit was tres chic.  So I snapped a pic on Instagram and I call it red jeans and stripes:

I purchased this striped black and gray shirt at Ross last year and it goes with EVERYTHING.  I wear it with different colored slacks, colored jeans and skirts.  It was only $7 bucks and it was one of the best buys ever.  Plus it has these cute little buttons on the side.

The red jeans are courtesy of Kohl’s.  They are Lauren Conrad jeans and I simply adore them.  They are so comfy, affordable, and just cute.

I threw on some big shades and I looked like a million bucks!  LOL!

Fresh hair do shot.


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